Wayfinding in Las Vegas: Walking Shortcut from the Riviera to the Las Vegas Convention Center

I’m in Las Vegas for the American Library Association Annual Conference 2014 (#alaac14). I’m staying at the Riviera and I can actually see the Las Vegas Convention Center, the location of the conference, from my hotel room. I discovered a short way to walk from the Riviera to the Convention Center. I took a few pictures to share the route with my fellow travelers.

Exit the Riviera through the doors near the hotel check-in desk. When you walk out, you are facing the parking garage. Stay on the sidewalk and walk past the parking garage. Keep walking past the tennis courts.

Riviera backlot
Follow the sidewalk past the parking garage and tennis courts.

Near the end of the sidewalk path, there is a sign that points to the right. Cross the street and turn right into the small, fenced-off parking lot.

Follow the arrow. Turn right.
Follow the arrow. Turn right.

Walk straight through the fenced-off parking lot and through the gateway to the Convention Center parking lot.

Walk through the gateway into the Convention Center parking lot.

From here, you can cut diagonally across the Convention Center parking lot. Enter the Convention Center near the visitor’s center. Go up the escalator and walk through the causeway to get to the main area of the Convention Center.

I hope this helps a few people get where they’re going. Enjoy the conference, everyone!