2018: Toot Your Own Horn

This year has, by all accounts, been a real trash fire. Despite the prevailing national mood, my own life has been pretty good. It’s a strange dissonance, having a great life while so much horrible shit is happening. In the spirit of enjoying it while I have it, this post is dedicated to the good stuff of my year. Presented in no particular order, this year I:

  • Knitted my first pair of socks
  • Read over 50 books
  • Competed in three weightlifting competitions and got medals from two of them
  • Deadlifted 380 pounds
  • Pulled a truck!
  • Made caramel for the first time and didn’t even burn it
  • Got a new job that treats me way better and that gives me more money
  • Announced at two roller derby tournaments: Clover Cup and the WFTDA Continental Cup in Omaha
  • Visited two states I’d never been to before (Texas and Nebraska)
  • Played a lot of roller derby and got voted best blocker in four games
  • Captained my home team and won Sacramento Roller Derby’s first home team championship
  • Started a cookbook club
  • Went to Yosemite for the first time
  • Planned and ran a workshop teach derby announcing
  • Hosted Thanksgiving dinner and made a turkey and everything
  • Attended several political protests/demonstrations
  • Made a voting guide and encouraged friends to vote
  • Went to RollerCon and did everything
  • Learned to skate the banked track and played a banked track game
  • Started Icelandic lessons again
  • Met with my Spanish tutor for 48 lessons

I am still contemplating what I want to accomplish next year, but if 2019 is anything like 2018, I can’t be mad about that.